Wednesday 16 January 2019

Other celebrities who are famous by design

As Roz Purcell talks about her new range of suits, Pat Fitzpatrick looks at some other celebs who have moved into fashion

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham
Jessica Simpson
Sienna Miller
Nicole Scherzinger

Pat Fitzpatrick


The turnover from her fashion business last year was up 91pc to £30 million. You think that would put a smile on her face. Some say Victoria never smiles because she is self-conscious about her teeth. We heard alright that dental work is expensive in Los Angeles, but we never knew it was that bad. She should try Budapest. Apparently, it is full of Irish people again, walking around with new gnashers because house prices have started to rise. We're encouraged by the funda-dentals. Ah stop.


She was involved in a vintage clothing line with her sister. It's fair to say that vintage is tricky. There is a thin line between cool and "my mother had a taffeta dress like that once, she said it made her feel as glamorous as Rita from Coronation Street". Yikes. Some say that Lily's raunchy video for her 2013 hit, Hard Out Here, was a clever parody of sexism in the music industry. We say 50 squillion horny teenage boys watched the video and said, "what's a parody?".


Sienna was involved with fashion label Twenty8Twelve. The name is derived from her birth date, as opposed to the bill you could run up if you checked out the website after a few glasses of wine. All been there. She was one of a group of celebs who campaigned against the over-fishing of Atlantic bluefin tuna. The campaign was a complete disaster. Stocks of the fish recovered and now the poor celebs have to find themselves a new cause. Nightmare.


Do people ever send stuff back with notes saying "bought this Jessica Simpson top in the hope people would mistake me for a famous celebrity, but everyone still thinks I'm me"? Probably. Jessica lost 60 pounds after childbirth by walking 10,000 steps a day. Before you get too excited, none of those steps were to the kitchen to open a fresh bag of fun-sized Mars bars. "Well for some," says new mom, licking a Yorkie to stay awake.


Her 'Missguided' range is well-named. Anyone who thinks they can get away with wearing them without Nicole's figure is clearly misguided. Nicole said goodbye to X Factor this year, along with about one million viewers. Over eight million viewers still tuned in to the early episodes. They must have been asking themselves some serious questions. Like, what did Cheryl just say? and, did Mel B actually beat someone to get a place on the panel?

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