Saturday 20 January 2018

No ‘Talifornia’ dreaming as cast members have foul-mouthed Twitter bust up

Two of the stars of TV3’s reality TV show ‘Talifornia’ are not speaking following a fight on Twitter.

Natalie Geraghty and Cormac Brannigan fell out after she got his height wrong and he called her overweight. Natalie told a fan on Twitter that the fitness fanatic was 5ft 6in while he claims to be 5ft 9in and taxi-driver Cormac responded by saying: “Your 3in wrong but I guess that was for dramatic effect. At least I have a healthy BMI index? #goodluck.”

In a serious of posts Natalie (21) said that none of the other ‘Talifornia’ cast members liked the 29-year-old from Rathcoole and that he had a two-inch manhood. In one attack she said: “You’re 30, short, ugly and alone... but I guess that’s just how you roll.”

Cormac then called his cast mate “delusional” and said she was “just telling lies when losing”.

The two are set to come face-to-face next month when the next series of ‘Talifornia’ starts filming in Santa Ponsa, Spain. Yesterday other ‘Talifornia’ stars insisted that the fight between the two wasn’t faked to gain publicity for the programme, with Dave Behan claiming: “Trust me people the feud between Cormac and Natalie is no PR stunt.”

According to the ‘Irish Daily Mirror’, Cormac, who blocked his cast mate from contacting him agaub on Twitter, said that Natalie was the unpopular person on the TV show. He wrote: “All the lads hate Natalie so much but only I had the balls and lack of sense to say it.”

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