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My Make-Up And Me


Sarah Breen, Editor of Kiss Magazine .

Sarah Breen, Editor of Kiss Magazine .

Sarah Breen, Editor of Kiss Magazine .

This week Sarah Breen, Editor of Kiss Magazine shares her beauty secrets with us.

Morning routine?

I love make-up but I don't wear it unless I have a big meeting or something. Frankly, the application process bores me and I actually get sick of looking at myself in the mirror. I am careful with my skin though, and lash on loads of moisturiser after my shower, either Clinique Superdefense or No7 Protect and Perfect. When I don't drink enough water, or after a flight, my skin gets really dry, especially on my hands. I hate that feeling.

First beauty memories?

The first time I wore make-up one of my friends literally held me down and slapped it on. She very kindly had a go at plucking my eyebrows while she was there. We used a magazine to try and recreate a look we liked. Needless to say the adventure didn't pan out as we'd planned it ...

First product?

I'm from a small village in Co Carlow so going to Dublin for Christmas shopping was always exciting. One year, I think I was twelve, I suddenly decided I was now an adult which entitled me to buy a load of Constance Carroll from the nearest Pound Shop. Everything was brown, even the lipstick. My mother's jaw dropped when I showed her my haul !

I teamed the whole ensemble with palazzo pants and I thought I looked amazing at mass that year.

What's your top tip?

Working at KISS, I'm lucky to pick up make-up tips on a daily basis.

Video of the Day

Everyone says to drink lots of water and always take your make-up off before bed, but I'm bold and rarely do either. I'll probably pay for it in a few years. I do try and look after my skin so the best advice I've been given is look after it. Exfoliate weekly and I always wear SPF regardless of the season. At night I wear either Oil of Olay, because the smell reminds me of my nana, or Trilogy organic rosehip oil.

Do you go out without make-up?

I don't usually wear make-up in work, but I always wear it if I'm going out. The more the better. I'm big into eyes and am a fan of dark grey at the moment. I love MAC Dark Knight and Knight Divine as the colours are really strong. A line of liquid liner on my upper lids and some kohl on my inner rims and I'm good to go.

In the bag and on the wish list?

My kit is quite small, but everything has significance. I swear by Chanel Vitalumiere foundation. It evens out skin tone and has a dewy finish and I've used it since I was about 16. I use MAC Blushcreme in Lilicent on my cheeks which looks natural and blends well. My friend Ciara, a make-up fanatic, bought it for me. For my eyes, I have a Clinique palette called Plum Perfection. The shades are grey and purple, which is good for daytime, but at night I use Mac eyeshadows, strong and shimmery. I normally wear Vaseline on my lips, but lately I've been experimenting with colour. Revlon Colour Stay goes on like a lipgloss but the pigment is incredibly dense and no matter what you do, it won't come off . Top Tomato is seriously red and I love it - like tattooing your lips without the pain ! I got it in work but have lost it and re-bought it about ten times. I also have a neon pink Barry M lipstick that our fashion editor Corina introduced me to and I wear it for in those braver moments. Mascara is whatever happens to land on my desk.

What's the most you've ever spent on a product and why did you buy it?

My foundation costs about €40 but it's worth every cent. People often ask me which one I'm wearing, so I've been pimping it for years and I think I'm due some commission or something. I don't think you need to pay loads for products, especially since a lot of the cheaper brands are owned by massive companies which also produce the more expensive versions.

Do you tend to go for bargain buys or are you swayed by the adverts ?

I think I'm quite advertising savvy. I don't really buy into celebrity endorsements and a lot of ads are obviously photoshopped. They look more like paintings than photographs most of the time. I get to test a lot of products in work, so I'm only loyal to the ones that work for me. I don't experiment very much but I did try the Girls Aloud Eyelure false lashes. I wore the Nicola ones on New Years Eve and got a present of the Kimberly ones recently. I'm going to Las vegas with some friends soon and plan to wear falsies every single night.

Where do you get your beauty fix?

Department stores are my friend. If you're polite and chatty it's easy to get samples to try and the people who work at the counters know they're stuff. I'm a big fan of nail polish so I hit Boots for Barry M or Miss Sporty. They're cheap and they last, unlike more expensive brands.

Is there a trend you would like to see come into fashion?

Wearing both strong eyes and lips. It hasn't always been a success for me as when I do it I tend to look like a drag artiste with a hangover but I've seen some girls, mostly models, pull it off.

Who's vanity case would you snoop in?

Hayden Panettiere. I have never seen such flawless, glowing skin in my life. I need to know what foundation she uses! She also experiments, which I admire. I hate when celebs are boring with the make-up as unlike us regular folk, they have access to amazing artists and products. It's a crime to waste those precious resources.

What product, secret or beauty tip couldn't you live without?

From time to time I have a little bit of eczema and a few months ago I started using E45 body milk. I can't say enough about it. I have a cupboard full of body lotions, potions, butters and oils at home, but this stuff is amazing. So easily absorbed and cheap - only €10 for a big bottle but its priceless. I also swear by Elizabthe Arden Eight Hour Cream for my lips and never leave home without a tin of Vaseline - I'm low maintenance.

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