Sunday 26 January 2020

My Make-up and me

Lynda Moorhead
Lynda Moorhead

Sinead Van Kampen

This week my make-up and me caught up with Lynda Moorhead, a freelance writer and popular contributor to Here she shares some of her top tips on all things make-up.

What is your typical morning routine?

I don't wear make-up everyday, particularly if I'm working from home, so on those days it's just cleanse, moisturise and go. If I do wear make-up, it can take me 15 minutes - I used to be able to do a full face in under 5 minutes when I had to catch a morning train.

Needless to say it takes much longer for an evening out. I like to experiment with night-time make-up which sometimes means going back to square one... and false eyelashes are tricky little buggers.

What are your first memories of make-up?

My granny wasn't a fan of looking too "rouge-d". On special occasions, though, she would produce a Max Factor pressed powder compact and my mum had a set from Estée Lauder that I remember coveting from a very early age.

It was a pull-out palette with eyeshadows from canary yellow to royal blue - very '80s. There were also fuschia lipsticks and little tubes of gold and hot pink powder pigments in it that I loved. I've never really been into subtle when it comes to make-up and I've always liked the rouge-d look... sorry Granny.

What was the first product you ever bought?

Constance Carroll - probably that clear mascara and brow gel in one that I think every girl in the country had at one stage!

Do you go out without make- up?

Not if I can avoid it, and definitely not if I'm going to be in company. The concerned comments from people about how unwell I look normally have me reaching for the foundation.

In the bag and on the wish-list?

In the bag: Creme de la Mer lipbalm, Benefit Posietint cheek tint, Lacura concealer from Aldi, mini pastel nail varnishes from M&S and MAC's superb 187 duo-fibre foundation brush.

On the wish-list:Chanel's new Particulière nail varnish, Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzer for Brunettes and Bobbi Brown Shimmer Eyeliner in Forest Ink. I want to give Minx manicures a whirl too - you just can't replicate that incredible mirror-shine metallic effect with nail varnish.

What's the most you've ever spent on a product and why did you buy it?

$160 on Eve Lom cleanser. I bought it on a trip to New York when the dollar was weak - it would have cost far more at home. I'd already tried the smaller size so knew it was brilliant and that it'd last for a year. There's no way I'd shell out that kind of money otherwise.

Do you tend to go for bargain buys or are you swayed by the adverts?

A little bit of both, although generally I'm too sceptical to believe the claims made by the ads. I'm not a beauty or make-up snob by any means and my budget brand of the moment is Essence.

Where do you shop for a beauty fix?

Everywhere and anywhere - pharmacies, supermarkets, department stores, beauty emporiums, duty free, online... Apart from the odd impulse buy, I'll usually have my research done in advance and go with the cheapest option. I'm also a fan of make-up swap shops like those on or - they're becoming a popular way to trade unwanted, unused items and get beauty bits in exchange.

Is there a trend you would like to see come into fashion?

I always manage to fall in love with a couple of new looks every season. If there is an out-of-fashion look that I know suits me, then I'll either wear it or find a way to tweak it and make it a bit more current.

Who's vanity case would you snoop in?

I'd dearly love to have a nose at the nail varnish stashes of the likes of nail devotees and US beauty bloggers Scrangie ( or Michelle ( - between the pair of them, I suspect that they have every last shade of nail varnish ever created.

Is there a product, secret or beauty tip that you couldn't live without?

Origins Modern Friction. I always come back to it and hope that it can forgive my flirtations with other exfoliators! It's a slightly grainy paste that's great for erasing fine lines and clearing pores without irritation.

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