Monday 9 December 2019

Model Adrienne Murphy is ready for the big time

She's swiftly climbing the ranks of the Irish modelling industry. Having walked into Assets off the street about a year and a half ago, 21-year-old Adrienne is fast becoming one of the hardest-working models on the scene, balancing press calls, catwalk shows and TV appearances with attending lectures and writing essays for her degree in marketing, advertising and PR.

She knows that diamonds are a girl's best friend. One of the highlights of her career so far saw Adrienne adorned with enough precious gems to turn Kate Middleton green with envy.

On a jewellery shoot for a magazine, Adrienne had to be supervised by security guards while she was covered in a haul of rings and necklaces worth hundreds of thousands of euro.

One ring alone was "worth €500,000", Adrienne remembers. It was a particularly memorable job for her, mainly because: "I'd probably never, ever get to hold that amount of jewellery otherwise."

She's got a long-term plan to parlay her fashion and media experience into a multi-faceted career. Though she's in great demand as a model, she's not about to be thrown off her path in college or beyond.

On the contrary, she sees herself ultimately going into PR, and is reaping the benefits of a insider's view into the workings of the industry through her work as a model.

"It's great to get to know people, and to see how events work," she says. She's aware that modelling has a defined lifespan, and though she's heartened by the fact that, in Ireland, "some of the top girls are 33 and still working", she's pragmatic about the extent of the profession's flexibility.

Outside the world of high fashion, she's a normal, hard-working student. Adrienne lives at home in Clondalkin with her mother, who is a special-needs assistant, and her father, who had a long career with Irish Distillers.

She comes from a line of grafters and she knows the importance of hard work. Her boyfriend of five years is in the Army, and she has known him since long before she became a model.

Also, her professional life and her social life are different worlds, but Adrienne has the flexibility to shift easily between the two.

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