Tuesday 16 January 2018

Make-up Basics: Beauty crime busters

Aisling Keenan

Beauty is rarely error free. We've all looked back at our make-up in old pictures and wondered what the hell we were thinking. Make-up trends that go out of date are excusable mistakes, but getting the basics wrong on a regular basis is a sin.

The terrible thing is, some of us don't even realise we're making huge errors. Either we're so used to looking at them that they no longer startle us, or else our friends are too polite to scream at us for our crimes against cosmetics.

Read this list and ask yourself, honestly: are you a beauty sinner?

Lying lips

If you have small lips, do not try to make them look bigger by drawing extensions on. It looks ridiculous. And you're fooling no one.

There are other tricks for making your lips appear bigger that are much more subtle. By simply applying lip gloss over your lipstick and putting it only in the centre of your lips, you'll give the illusion of a fuller pout.

Try Rimmel Vinyl Max Gloss, ¤6.95, pharmacies and department stores nationwide, and Max Factor Gold Lip Liner in Fire, ¤6.99, pharmacies nationwide.

Waterline crime

Unless the aim of your look is seriously smoky or grungey, keep the black liner away from your lower waterline.

Someone, somewhere made the mistake of thinking this would make your eyes brighter and bigger. It may make them look whiter (against the black, anything would), but it will have the opposite effect for size. Your eyes will look smaller and slimmer.

Use it on the upper corners of your eyes to widen them instead.

Try Yves Saint Laurent Crayon Yeux Waterproof, ¤25, YSL counters nationwide.

Double jeopardy

Sometimes we get carried away when a big night out comes along and we're getting ourselves all dolled up. In an effort to do our make-up in a more dramatic way than on a normal work day, things can get a little out of hand.

If you choose bright, bold or dark lips, leave your eyes neutral or at least use natural tones.

If your eyes are dark, have a statement colour on or big false lashes, keep your lip either nude or use just a sheer gloss.

Save your blushes

Irish ladies, myself included, are bronzer mad. And occasionally, myself included, we can go a little overboard.

Bronzer should ideally be applied lightly and only in places where the sunlight naturally hits your face. Blusher, likewise, should only be applied where your cheeks would naturally redden -- no one blushes in an inch-thick straight line from their nose to their temples!

When it comes to bronzer and blusher, there's one major rule to abide by: blend! The more you blend, the more natural the look will be.

Try Bourjois Délice de Soleil poudre bronzante, ¤12.49, selected pharmacies nationwide, and L'Oréal Paris True Match Blush, ¤11.54, pharmacies and department stores.

•Check for make-up lines in a well-lit area.

•Blend, blend and blend.

•You can always add more -- subtle removal is difficult.

•If unsure, ask someone for an honest opinion.

•Natural light tells the truth, however brutal.

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