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Madonna at W.E. London premiere: She Wears It Well

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Madonna, swooping into Leicester Square as a designer superheroine..

Finally, finally, after 17 years of hype, and premieres in every corner of the known universe, W.E. , the singer's cinematic directorial debut, is actually about to come out at your local VUE. If you feel rather tired by that news - like you've seen it already (and not been that impressed) - I don't think you're alone.

But what we've not seen before is a combination of formal evening wear and Michael Jackson gloves. That's certainly fresh for 2012.

Photos: W.E. London Premiere

Love the Jean-Paul Gaultier velvet gown. Love the Dolce and Gabbana lace cape. But my first cynical thought about the controversial accessory was that after years of unkind attention paid to her hard-worked hands, Madge had given in and decided to hide them.

My second thought - and the one I'm sticking with - is hell, why not? I didn't know it before but I like a 50-something woman who colour-matches unexpected - nay, entirely inappropriate - leather fingerless gloves, not only to her lipstick, but also to the carpet.

The gloves brought to Kensington a reminder of the old Madonna - and by that I mean the controversial, street-influenced, convention-defying, pop icon. The critics are prepared to cut W.E. to shreds but Madonna's ready. You wanna pick a fight with her? The gloves are on.