Thursday 22 March 2018

Lisa Fitzpatrick: 'My mojo came with kids'

Lisa Fitzpatrick lets us peek in her wardrobe to find the secret to the TV presenter's impeccable style. By Joanna Kiernan

Lisa describes this gown by Fran &
Jane as her ‘Oscars dress’
Lisa describes this gown by Fran & Jane as her ‘Oscars dress’
Joanna Kiernan

Joanna Kiernan

'I had so many dodgy moments along the way, but I think you learn by your mistakes."

As Lisa Fitzpatrick sits opposite me, I find it hard to imagine she has ever hit a bum note as regards style.

The first word that comes to mind is "effortless", the second "chic".

"I'm not the type of person to look back and go 'Oh god! That's so awful! I'm so embarrassed!" she giggles. "I look at it as a learning part of my life."

Lisa's default style is comfortable and stylish. Unlike most of us, who find it hard to handle the layers necessary for the dips in temperature, Lisa loves winter, and it shows.

"Every year I buy a really nice coat," she explains, "This year I bought a Bastyan one. I have not taken it off since I bought it, but that's the value of a good coat."

Lisa doesn't follow trends, nor does she advise others to do so. Trend-led buying does not a happy wardrobe make and, according to Lisa, de-cluttering is essential.

"I got out of my spring/ summer clothes as soon as it started to get cold. It's all in bags on top of the wardrobe and stacked away so there's room to see what I have."

For Lisa, value is key.

"I'm quite shopping savvy. I only buy what I need," she says plainly, "I will try and get something at a better price, I love a bargain and I'm not afraid to ask for it either."

Lisa has been taking her no-nonsense retail experience on the road with her new show SOS -- Save Our Shops, which began on TV3 last Friday.

"We go in as fresh eyes to a shop," she explains, "We're not asking them to have a 20 or 30-grand makeover. It's more about changing the mindset. It's important to change your routine."

Lisa applies the same to her clothes and, although she remains indiscriminate when it comes to shopping, she does have a few firm favourites.

"I love Bastyan, I love Karen Millen, I love Oasis, I love Hollister and H&M. I love Fran & Jane too, they're right on the money," she tells me.

Her taste in footwear has, however, become more refined with age.

"Fitzpatricks -- no relation -- is where I buy probably all of my shoes. I need comfort, so I've come back to 'What is the mechanic of this shoe?'" Lisa explains. "I think you have to be sensible and I'd rather buy these than three pairs of plastic ones, that aren't good for your feet and get all smelly and yucky!"

Lisa's main style skill is her ability to wear high-street labels and make them look like hot-off-the-catwalk designer pieces. Bastyan is the most expensive label she buys.

"I've seen some people that are top to toe in designer and they've got it all wrong.

"Buying at higher prices doesn't necessarily mean you get it right," she cautions.

However, those close to Lisa are well aware of her weaknesses.

"Every Christmas for 15 years I've got a handbag from my husband," she laughs, "I'm not going to go out and buy one for myself, but if someone else does -- happy days!

"The kids buy me pyjamas from Penneys, fleecy ones not very sexy or attractive, but I love them."

For Lisa, whose bubbly personality and sense of fun are infectious, the key to looking good is all about being happy with yourself, and having fun.

"If you don't like yourself, you cannot expect anyone else to like you. That only really connected with me in my mid- 30s and I put it down to motherhood.

"When I became a mother that's when I started to like myself and I didn't care what other people thought of me, what mattered was that I got my kids through life. So I've found my mojo!"

'Lisa Fitzpatrick: Enjoying Style & Fashion', published by Blackwater Press is available at Eason now or to buy online at

Lisa's new show on TV3, 'SOS -- Save Our Shops' is on Fridays at 8pm

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