Monday 11 December 2017

Lily Cole all for recycling clothes

Lily Cole
Lily Cole
Livia with her husband Colin Firth.

Lily Cole says recycling clothes should be "more the norm".

The actress has joined Colin Firth’s wife Livia’s Green Carpet Challenge, which encourages stars to wear outfits they have previously worn again and again.

Lily wore some of her old dresses at the Cannes Film Festival and at the recent premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman.

"It felt more authentic,” she told Vogue of the experience. “The reason it happened was that I felt it was absurd that I needed something new when I have so many nice dresses in my wardrobe. It was actually quite a relief to open my wardrobe and just pick something out. What is ridiculous is that this is interpreted as a slightly radical thought. It should be more the norm."

Lily added that reusing outfits more often is a necessity and that there are a lot of actors and musicians already doing so. The star said while there has to be a balance between wearing old and new garments, she disagrees with the attitude of not being comfortable with being seen in the same outfit twice.

The 24-year-old said the response she got so far for recycling her dresses has been a positive one.

"I think it needs to [become the norm] in a way. I don't mean in every instance, but it shouldn't be such an exception or an anomaly to do that. Otherwise you run the risk of perpetuating this myth that you can only wear things once, and everything has to be new and that nobody else can have worn them - because heaven forbid you might be photographed in the same dress as somebody else or yourself.

"I find the psychology of this so ridiculous. For me it's just about being real, and not always playing that game,” she said.

"It's not like I'm never going to wear a new dress again, but I think everything is about balance. Yeah of course you can wear a new dress sometimes, and there are designers and an aesthetic that I'd like to celebrate.

But I think you can get locked into a situation where you'll only ever wear new things, and you're locked in this highly commerce-orientated structure where you have to keep on buying and selling new things, and it doesn't do anyone any favours. I got a really positive reaction."

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