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Life's little luxury: Perscription ski goggles

Any ski bunny worth her salt knows that when you’re zipping down the slopes, it’s best to keep one eye on the piste and the other on Fritz, your gorgeous ski instructor — investing in high-quality ski goggles is, therefore, a must. Goggles are the It bag of the ski world, and they reveal more about your pecking order on the piste than your ability to traverse it ever will.

International sports brand Bolle are the business when it comes to looking groomed on the slopes. The Bolle Shark 10011, below, €105 with prescription lenses, has full UV protection: these goggles will see you safely down the slopes and into Fritz’s waiting arms. Eyeworld, Market Lane, Bridge St, Westport, Co Mayo, tel: (098) 26732


If you’re going to splurge on a ski holiday, then it’s rude not to dress the part. Being stylish in a snowstorm can be a challenge, but thanks to Stella McCartney’s ski range for adidas, piste-chic just got a whole lot easier. The line is classic Stella: cocoon-shaped coats and flattering trousers. Gwyneth Paltrow is a big fan, and reportedly snapped up nearly all of the line the minute it went on sale. The Stella Black Jacket, left, €220, will let you plough through the sartorial competition, and the snow, in style.

Adidas by Stella McCartney skiwear is available at select Adidas stores nationwide, see www.net-a-porter.com