Wednesday 17 January 2018

Let's party: Party wear for Christmas

Fake-fur jacket, €70, Savida;
boots, €65, both Dunnes Stores.
Necklace, €18.50, Freedom, Topshop <br/> Photos: Sean Jackson; Make-up: Alanna Wallace; Styling: Grace Moore
Fake-fur jacket, €70, Savida; boots, €65, both Dunnes Stores. Necklace, €18.50, Freedom, Topshop
Photos: Sean Jackson; Make-up: Alanna Wallace; Styling: Grace Moore
Lurex halter-neck belted jumpsuit, €67, River Island. Bracelet, €22, Oasis. Ring, €50, MoMuse, Bow
Dress, €260, Love Moschino, Arnotts
Dress, €295, Bastyan, Brown Thomas and BT2. Boots, €127, River Island. Necklace, €24, Freedom, Topshop. Bracelet, €22, Oasis. Tights, €7, Dunnes Stores
Dress, €74.99, Shotsy Vintage

If there is one thing that drives me insane, it is when fashion ‘experts’ say "it’s a perfect look for going from day to night". It’s rubbish.

If you are a girl bent on having a good time and possibly pulling a bloke on a night out, the outfit that you wore at the office is not going to lift your spirits into a party mood. Rather, it’s likely to send you hitting the hard stuff to shake off your crap day. Nor will it incentivise a guy to muster up his courage, walk across a room and tell you that you look edible.

Not being willing to dress up for a night out is a mindset. It indicates low-level depression and apathy. I know this because I was decidedly unenthusiastic about party wear until last year, when my mother made me buy a playful, flirty dress by D&G when I was feeling not at all playful and flirty. But my mother, being a wise old bird, knew that in having the dress, I would start to see places to wear it.

That dress and I had power struggles for the next year. I refused to give in to its mystique until, finally, when I was stuck for something to wear to a wedding, I wore ‘playful and flirty’, and that was exactly the time I had; I have not looked back since.

We all know the phrase: what we give out, we get back. It is meant as a spiritual guideline, but it works for fashion also. If you hold yourself as if you’re a gorgeous person of value, that’s how people will appreciate you and respond to you.

So if you dress for work, which these days means black trousers and conservative tops, and then wear that out on a night on the town, you won’t get much, “Hey babe, where have you been all my life?”

My pal, Lauren Frances, the LA-based love coach, says not making a special effort and dressing up for a night out is the single biggest mistake career women make when wanting to meet potential mates.

If you have to go from work to a party, pack a fun dress, some make-up and your curling tongs, and change from work mode into good-time-gal mode. Party wear for this Christmas is flattering, comfortable and fun. Animal prints, matt sequins, metallic fabrics and fake fur are all hot trends.

The animal print is classy and flirty — and not cheap, as so many of you love to moan to get out of trying something new and bold that will yield results.

Good-time numbers can be found at all price points — from Dunnes Stores, who have been doing sterling work this season, to Oasis, Bastyan, River Island and more.

So get out there and shake some booty. You’ll be happier for it.

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