Thursday 21 November 2019

Lea Michele: Fashion Police hurt my feelings

Lea Michele
Lea Michele

Lea Michele admits that being taunted "hurt her feelings".

Lea was a subject of discussion on E!’s Fashion Police on Friday September 16. The segment which valuates stars’ attire poked fun at Lea claiming that she posed too hard for photographers on the red carpet. Modern Family star Sarah Hyland was on hand during the segment and joined in the giggle about Lea’s posing.

Lea did not find the comments funny.

"I gotta be honest. It hurt my feelings a little bit," Michele told Us Weekly Friday in Los Angeles at Variety's 3rd Annual Power of Women event. "I really think the message of today is that women should motivate and empower women, and so that’s why I'm honoured to be a part of today."

Sarah is not remorseful about what she said about Lea. Being mean was not her intention.

"I did not intend for my comments to be taken in a malicious way," Sarah said on Twitter. "But I did hate [Lea’s] dress. Called her a*s great. Did you all hear that one?"

Sarah does not take her comments seriously at all. To her they were made all in good fun.

"Congrats Lea. You know how to work the red carpet. I can't take it as seriously as you," Sarah posted on Twitter. "I can't take myself that seriously. I don't like the red carpet. I feel silly. So props to her for knowing what she's doing and enjoying it."

Lea is not holding a grudge against Sarah. She sends Sarah her best wishes.

“I send her love," Lea said. "I think she's a great person."

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