Thursday 22 March 2018

LadyUmbrella tees launch at the Loft Market

If you're in Dublin at the weekend, pop in to the Loft Market in the Powerscourt Townhouse to check out a new range of Irish designer t-shirts. At €29.99, it's fair to say the shirts don't come with a designer price tag.

The range is the brainchild of Kildare man Rob Ryan and Spanish designer Elena Montes Casado, who run their business from Drumcondra in North Dublin.

The brand's quirky name is - of course - inspired by the Irish weather: whilst strolling around in her adopted city of Dublin, Madrid native Elena saw more umbrellas in one day than a Spaniard usually would in a year. The umbrellas obscured and hid people’s faces giving rise to the idea of LadyUmbrella, a lady with an umbrella for a head.

We caught up with Rob to ask a couple of questions about the range.

What is the inspiration behind the designs?

When Elena was in college she studied surrealism and how things related to the oneiric world (or world of dreams). This inspired her to design and create scenarios that you can't really find in the real world. All of our designs have an associated story and quirky title to try give them a bit more depth and give LadyUmbrella more personality.

What sort of woman do you think would wear your designs?

We think open minded, happy, interesting, adventurous, fun, quirky, clever ladies would wear our designs. We have been amazed at the wide variety of women from all over the world who have purchased a t-shirt from us. We've had young teens and ladies of 50+ buying from us so find it hard to nail down the type of woman who would wear our designs.

Who would you most like to see strolling around Dublin wearing one of your tees?

We would love to see the likes of Scarlet Johansson wearing our tees. Don't know if we'd be able to coax her over to Dublin though. Penelope Cruz would also be a lady Elena would like to see wearing one of our tees. There is a young British actress, Maia Krall Fry (check her out on imdb) who is fan of ours and sports our t-shirts. Our t-shirts have also been used in a British movie called Booked Out which is due for release later this year.

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