Monday 18 December 2017

Keep Fit: What to wear when you work up a sweat

All photos: Andreas Pettersson. Styling: Paula Hughes <br/>Bra top, €31; shorts, €31,
both Adidas; 4kg kettlebell, €15,
all Lifestyle Sports
All photos: Andreas Pettersson. Styling: Paula Hughes
Bra top, €31; shorts, €31, both Adidas; 4kg kettlebell, €15, all Lifestyle Sports
T-shirt, €28; shorts, €23, both Under Armour, Lifestyle Sports
Jacket, €80; T-shirt, €31; running tights, €33; trainers, €85; socks (part of a 3-pack), €12, all Nike, Lifestyle Sports
Jacket, €50; bra top, €28; running tights, €38; trainers, €95; socks (part of a 3-pack), €12, all Nike, Lifestyle Sports. Earphones, model’s own

Constance Harris

One thing I like about Ireland is the way we have taken on the economic change in our circumstances — we seem to be using it as an incentive to make fitness our new focus.

There are now more cyclists, runners and boot camps in public areas than you will see in many other countries. With our lifestyle choices reduced to ‘getting buried by anxiety’ versus ‘endorphin-producing exercise’, exercise is definitely the one to go for.

Endorphins are the body’s happy drug, truly one of the best cures for depression, apathy and anxiety.

Whenever I find myself in a depression, I practice the advice of the Victorians: get out into the fresh air, mix only with people of light spirit and avoid all things negative. It works.

Walking is free and easy to do. I am chronically anaemic and my stamina is virtually non-existent, but I can do weights and walk. Just by doing regular short stints, I keep depression at bay and, according to all my close friends and family, have never looked better.

But, just as I am obsessive about getting out and moving, I am equally obsessed with people wearing the right gear when exercising. Taking the elements into account is hugely important.

Garments that retain moisture can grow chilly, which is a risk to your health, as well as making you tired and uncomfortable. Joints can be damaged by bad footgear. Breasts can be irrevocably stretched and injured from inadequate bras. Even when walking, women would be best advised to wear a good sports bra such as Shock Absorber.

Irish-owned Lifestyle Sports make getting kitted out simple. Their stores are laid out into areas of interest, and they have charts to inform you as to options you have, so that you can easily make the best choices for you. With 64 stores nationwide, Lifestyle Sports is one of the largest stockists of brands such as Adidas, Nike, Asics, Under Armour, Hilly and more. All their staff are into sports and fitness, so you’ll get informed feedback.

Getting kitted out doesn’t have to break the bank. Lifestyle Sports always have a value range. Set your budget and tell the salesperson what you need. Good basics are the building blocks. You could also follow their page on Facebook to try to win your kit.

Sports gear is constantly innovating on comfort and function, and keeping up with fitness trends such as Bikram yoga and boot camp. Lifestyle Sports are the title sponsors of Bootcamp Ireland nationwide; like Tag Rugby, its a great social mixer for the sexes, too. Win-win

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