Saturday 17 March 2018

Kate Moss 'penning autobiography'

Kate Moss 'penning autobiography'
Kate Moss 'penning autobiography'

Kate Moss is rumoured to be writing an autobiography which is inspired by Keith Richards' book.

The British supermodel is a massive fan of the Rolling Stones star and even recounted tales of their friendship for his 2011 tome Life.

Sources have revealed that she hopes to recreate something similar in her memoirs, which will serve as her legacy to the fashion world.

"Kate waxes lyrical about Keith's book and she thinks it's so brave and honest," a source told UK magazine Grazia. "She loved all the detail and says he comes across as smart. I'm sure she could do an amazing book herself - it would be her career legacy, and like Keith's book, would increase her legend."

As well as her striking appearance and supermodel good looks, Kate is also blessed with brains. The insider explained that her intelligence and enjoyment of literature will shine through in the tome.

"She left school at 16 but she's not stupid," the insider continued. "She reads a lot and she's a quick learner. The authors she looks up to - like F. Scott Fitzgerald - are quite artsy so who knows what end product would look like. She's not someone who compromises over art."

The star has previously been offered large sums of cash to pen her autobiography but declined all offers.

The notoriously private model will no doubt have some juicy tales to reveal should the anticipated memoirs be released in the future.

"The truth is far more interesting than fiction in her case," the insider finished.

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