Wednesday 21 March 2018

Kate Moss: Most models lack passion

Kate Moss. Photo: Getty Images
Kate Moss. Photo: Getty Images

Kate Moss thinks many tops models aren’t passionate enough about showcasing clothes.

The British supermodel has been in the industry for over 20 years after being discovered at the age of 14. Despite her veteran status she still manages to secure work within a youth-dominated industry.

With the benefit of experience behind her, the 36-year-old has declared herself surprised by the lack of creativity shown by the latest runway generation. Kate believes she should be on hand to educate those who are effectively wasting their talent.

“I think I could definitely open a modelling school. Kate’s Modelling School? Moss’ Models? Put Moss’ Models down! I mean, even some of the top models I know, they don’t know... I mean, one of my best friends is a beautiful, amazing looking, gorgeous girl, but she just sees it as work. She puts the clothes on and she looks gorgeous. But you need to see it as a skill. I mean, you can be the most intelligent person in the world, but it won’t make you a good teacher. I’m very short and I’m completely lopsided – I’m not like those perfect, gorgeous Amazonian Brazilians. But if you learn how to work it, then that’s it,” she told Company magazine.

Kate went on to reveal the complexity behind the average photoshoot. The star compared a pose to an intricate dance between model and photographer, an art she believes is slowly becoming lost.

“It honestly can be really humiliating. It’s not just like, ‘Hold your left leg in your hand.’ There’s a lot more to it than that. It’s like dancing. I guess you need an eye for art, and also to get it into your head that it’s not you – you’re somebody else. You have to be somebody else to be able to move like somebody else and act like somebody else,” she added.

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