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Karl Lagerfeld ditches black trousers

Karl Lagerfeld has stopped wearing black because it’s too unflattering.

The legendary designer has his own eponymous label, and also works for Chanel and Fendi. He is famous for wearing black trousers, jacket and skinny ties with white shirts, but has decided to ditch the look in favour of grey or dark blue attire.

“Fashion is about change, and me too,” he replied, when asked why he was wearing a grey checked jacket. “I suddenly discovered that navy blue looks better on TV than black, it’s more becoming because of the reflection.”

Karl is one of the most alluring figures in the fashion industry, and is happy to give small insights into his life. At the moment he is enjoying reading factual books about language, which he finds fascinating. He often gets caught up in them, or in talking to people about his latest interests, leading to him often late for meetings.

“I am very much into books about languages, the way it was, it should be, what it’s become, where it comes from, I think that’s very interesting. Most of the other books are too pretentious to talk about because I don’t want an intellectual image, I’m a fashion person,” he told British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

“I am late all the time but not because I am rude, because when I’m with somebody I forget to look at my watch. So when you are late once in the morning you’re late all day, because it’s one after the other.”

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