Sunday 19 January 2020

Karl Lagerfeld: Alice Dellal is ‘stylish punk’

Alice Dellal
Alice Dellal

Alice Dellal has "style in the extreme", says Karl Lagerfeld.

The British model is the new face of Chanel handbags. Her casting shocked many in the industry as her punky aesthetic seemed the antithesis of what is usually associated with the luxury French label, but that is exactly why creative director Karl wanted to sign her up.

“She has style in the extreme. She makes the unexpected look normal,” he told the April edition of UK magazine InStyle. “It takes more courage to push a look like hers than to be average. In real life, she is the nicest person. She’s a stylish punk.”

Alice boasts shaved hair and tattoos and loves wearing chunky boots and leather. She insists clothes aren’t want make her look though, claiming it is attitude which is really vital.

“Do it how you want,” she said. “You don’t have to look like a punk to be punk. To me, it’s all about the mentality. Coco Chanel in her day was a punk.”

Alice enjoys dressing in masculine clothing but she usually mixes the pieces up. She isn’t scared of dressing like a woman, but prefers to change things around so she makes the look her own.

“I like high-waisted jeans with belts and mixing and matching – I’ll wear boots, jeans and a pretty top, then add my jacket. I want to feel comfortable in things I wear,” she said.

“I’m influenced by the punk era, but then I like the cheesy ‘80s look too, such as little crop tops and corset bras.”

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