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It's one giant step for smalls

It’s hard to improve on perfection, but it seems that the underwear experts at M&S have done just that. They’ve just launched a range of carbon-neutral bras, knickers and suspenders, which are eco-friendly and extremely comfortable.

They’re made in Sri Lanka at a special carbon-neutral plant — while we’re not quite sure what that means, it sounds wonderful. The girlie Multi Way bra, €30, and matching knickers, €13, are proof that going green needn’t always mean throwing on a poncho and dating a tree-hugger. Environmental underpants aside, Marks & Spencer is also planting 6,000 trees in Sri Lankan nature reserves, and is working with local farmers to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Looks like M&S is determined to save the planet, one gusset at a time. Autograph Leaves Collection, Marks & Spencer nationwide, see www.marksandspencer.com