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It's either fabulous or fashion faux pas

Gwyneth Paltrow's decision to step out sans underwear at the premiere of Iron Man 3 in LA has her fans divided.
Gwyneth Paltrow's decision to step out sans underwear at the premiere of Iron Man 3 in LA has her fans divided.
Rosanna Davison: 'I think she looked incredible'
Lottie Ryan: 'She looked phenomenal'
Model Alison Canavan: 'I loved the dress from the front'
Louis Copeland: 'I would have loved to have designed it because it's getting so much publicity.'
Norah Casey: 'An absolutely fashion disaster.'
Niamh Horan

Niamh Horan

So what do Ireland's stylish people thing of Gwyneth's bum dress?

IRELAND'S bold and beautiful were out in force this weekend at the 2013 VIP Style Awards, but the woman who stole the headlines and commanded all the attention in the style stakes was the newly crowned "world's most beautiful woman" Gwyneth Paltrow.

Her decision to step out sans underwear at the premiere of Iron Man 3 in LA has her fans divided, but has she got everyone talking for the right or wrong reasons? Here's what some celebs at the VIP awards thought:

Former Miss World Rosanna Davison:

I think she looked incredible. She has the figure to wear it. She's so elegant that she managed to make it look elegant, not trashy.

Style critic and presenter Lottie Ryan:

She looked phenomenal. It takes a very brave woman to have the confidence to step out on a red carpet in something so revealing, and she did a bloody fantastic job. After all, confidence is beauty.

Top model Alison Canavan:

I loved the dress from the front – Antonio Berardi is a fabulous designer. However, I didn't like the fact that you could see her bum cheeks, as it totally cheapened it.

Master tailor Louis Copeland:

It's fabulous. I would have loved to have designed it because it's getting so much publicity. She's not too old for it, she has the figure to pull it off. We're not too conservative for something like that here either. Any Irish woman could get away with it if they had the figure for it.

Business woman Norah Casey:

An absolute fashion disaster. The more flesh you show, the less sexy it is. Her age isn't a factor – it would have still looked trashy on a seven-foot, 21-year-old model. There's a glimpse of skin in a very sexy way and then there's slutty. A complete disaster – she even said so herself afterwards.

Top designer: Joanne Hynes:

There should be no rules in fashion, it should be about having fun and shaking things up a bit and this dress does just that. She's a big girl, she can wear what she wants. She looks fantastic and can definitely pull this look off. It reminds me of the time Vivienne Westwood wore a see-through dress to meet the Queen, but I think that was more of a political statement. It's her choice and it certainly didn't offend me. In fact, Jamelia is wearing a sheer dress I designed on the front of the current VIP magazine.


Socialite Lisa Murphy:

I don't like it at all – and it's not the sheer side panelling. It's the shape and colour that I don't like. I actually have a dress with sheer panelling and I love it. I haven't worn it in Ireland though – I wore it to a ball in Vienna and everyone loved it.


Designer and reality star Virgina Macari:

Wow – I love it! She's got it, so flaunt it. I admire her style. She embraces fashion and is naturally elegant so she can totally get away with it. If I had that figure I'd wear it too.

Editor image.ie Ellie Balfe:

It didn't do her any favours. For someone with such a fantastic body she is essentially hiding her good parts (shoulders and upper arms) and only showing the side view of her perfect pins but via a fine denier sheer panel. You know that theory that no one looks good in a pair of tights? I think Gwyneth may not have got the memo on that one.


Model agency owner Celia Holman-Lee:

We know you work out for four hours a day, Gwyneth, and you have a great body, but do we need to see so much of it all the time? It's obvious she wasn't wearing any pants, and what kind of message is that sending to younger girls?

Top designer Peter O'Brien:

I'm afraid I took a pledge never to comment on any individual. I'm a man in late middle age with thinning hair and a thickening waistline, rather a glasshouse-type environment from which to cast stones.

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