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Isabal Marant reveals 'ugly' copies of her wedge trainers put her off own designs


Of all the high-fashion trends to trickle down to the high street over the past couple of years, nothing has quite matched the overarching influence of Isabel Marant's hidden-wedge sneaker.

For Marant, the style was years in the making - as a teen she put layers of cork in the heels of her trainers to boost her height. Though she knew she'd hit on something good when she finally finished the shoe that is now known as 'The Beckett' following nine months of playing around with the design, she had no idea quite how in demand they would be - they still frequently sell out, three years after they first went on sale.

But in fashion, with great influence comes countless, ugly, imitations. Retailers and brands all over the world caught on to their popularity and it's now hard to walk down the street without seeing at least one woman sporting a style undoubtedly inspired by Marant's comfort-meets-height phenomenon.

"They still have something special, even though there are a lot of copies," Marant told WWD, "and the bad copies are super-ugly."

The "super-ugly" copies have even managed to put Marant off her own design somewhat.

"I don't wear them as often as I [used to] because I see too [many bad copies] in the street. I'm not saying mine are the most beautiful shoes, but they have a certain [style]."

Nevertheless, the French designer hasn't been repelled when it comes to combining comfort with style and is working on a new super-cosy footwear hybrid - furry moccasins, "that super-plain shoe with fur inside".

No doubt you'll find something very similar on a high street near you soon.

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