Sunday 15 December 2019

Introducing the most accident prone fashion show...ever

Olivia Bergin,

Pity the knees and ankles of this poor trio of models as you kick your shoes off this evening; as not only did they fall over, they did so off what appear to be at least six-inch platforms and in full view of the fashion pack.

Singer Lady Gaga could have taught those cast in the Seccry Sheguang Hu fashion show during China Fashion Week a thing or two about walking in ridiculous soles, but sadly she was otherwise engaged in New York having an equally ridiculously-shod time promoting her latest tunes.

Perhaps Chinese-Dutch designer Hu Sheguang had a table of whisky shots laid out backstage to give his walkers some erm, Dutch courage - but here's hoping he had a masseuse to soothe those burgeoning bruises.


If you're sporting flats today, sit back and feel sadistically smug as we share with you the photos from what will go down as The Most Accident-Prone Fashion Show Ever. And if you want to see more of the same you can click to here or watch actual footage here.

It all started out so well for this model, who stomped down the catwalk in shoes of a stripper but with all the grace of a ballerina. And then bam! On those over-the-knee socks she fell...


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