Sunday 18 February 2018

'If I like it, I buy it on the spot'

We asked a man to describe his personal shopping habits, and what he thinks are the major gender differences when it comes to shopping.

Darren Kennedy is a television and radio broadcaster who shops regularly and often. "For 'TTV' [on RTE2] I never want to wear the same top twice and I wanted to look good, so I bought a new top every week," he says.

"For me, shopping is a mixture of functional and enjoyable. Some days I'll go into the shops for a couple of hours if I haven't bought any clothes, but at the same time if I'm not in the mood I don't want to even see the shops."

Kennedy says his approach to shopping is highly efficient.

"I blitz the shops. Within two minutes of walking in I know if there's anything there that I want. I'm very decisive and if I spot something I like, I'll buy it on the spot."

When asked if he ever feels guilty about spending money on clothes, Kennedy is baffled.

"Not at all. Why would I feel guilty? The only time I feel guilty is if I'm going out to buy a gift and I leave the shop after an hour with loads of bags and they're all for me.

"But I don't blow all my money on clothes. As much as I like clothes if I'm saving for something big or going through a tight week I won't go clothes shopping. I won't splurge if I don't have it."

Kennedy thinks young women feel a lot of pressure to be seen to enjoy shopping in our designer-brand laden, consumerist culture.

"A lot of women shop to feel girly, like in 'Sex and the City', and it's considered cool to go shopping."

One of the major differences he sees between men and women's shopping habits is decision-making.

"Women will go around the shop, see tops and try them on. They'll say, 'This is really nice' and instead of taking the logical next step of buying the item, they leave the shop and go around five other shops and then go back to the original shop and buy the item."

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