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Iconic Fashion in Film: John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever


John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever

John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever

John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever

The already iconic Oscar nominated Black Swan costume designs (see Jim Carrey dressed as a black swan on Saturday Night Live) have inspired us at Independent Woman to ask ourselves what are the most stylish films of all time?

John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever

At the time of filming nobody who was involved in Saturday Night Fever could have ever imagined just how big it would later become. A low budget tale of teenagers and twenty somethings from the poor part of town, the film was helped in large measure by the best soundtrack of all time and dance moves that became the very definition of disco.

As good as it's component parts were, the real star of the show was none other than John Travolta. Looking back now it's hard to appreciate just how cool his role as Tony Manero actually was, but at the time the man with all the moves managed to grab the film by the scruff of the neck and nail both coordinated dancing and male hair drying firmly to the fashion radar.

With the wardrobe budget for the film subject to repeated cuts by the studio, the cast were reduced to providing their own clothes for scenes set outside of the disco. Rather than hurting the finished product, the end result of bell bottoms, man pelt vests and lettuce hems only added to it's incredible authenticity.

On seeing John Travolta strut down a New York street in the opening credits of what became a career defining performance, Fred Astaire was moved to remark that John Travolta had simply had 'it'. In 1977 the 'it' in question was one of the most stylish film performances of all time.

Signature look: Emerging from behind a cloud of dry ice with a medallion and a white flared polyester suit

Fashion legacy: The first male film character to blow dry his own hair

In a phrase: " You make it with some of these chicks, they think you gotta dance with them."

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