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Iconic Fashion in Film: Diane Keaton as Annie Hall

Diane Keaton in Annie Hall
Diane Keaton in Annie Hall

Sinead Van Kampen

The already iconic Oscar nominated Black Swan costume designs (see Jim Carrey dressed as a black swan on Saturday Night Live) have inspired us at Independent Woman to ask ourselves what are the most stylish films of all time?

Diane Keaton as Annie Hall

Badly in need of a ditzy yet believable actress for his love interest in a new romantic comedy, in 1976 Woody Allen turned to the very person on who he had written the script about in the first place.

At the time, being in a relationship with Woody Allen must have been a good thing and Keaton turned in an Oscar winning performance that combined all the ditzy and eccentric qualities of Annie Hall but added a dimension of style for which the film has become so famous.

When he came to shooting, Allen had a serious dilemma when it came to the wardrobe. Annie Hall had to be believable. It had to be smart but at the same time it had to be feminine. Rather than Ralph Lauren and Ruth Morley, it was Keaton who had the answer to Allen's riddle, she would wear what she always did and be done with it.

Despite the objections of costume designer Ruth Morley which were overruled by Woody Allen, Keaton's gender-bending wardrobe blazed a trail for women in the late 1970s.

With her shabby chic look and oversized collection of mismatched vintage men's clothes, it wasn't simply the androgyny that made the Annie Hall character so popular, more the the way in which the clothes were so suited for the times.

After the release and subsequent popularity of the film, Keaton's Annie Hall look would became standard attire for smart girls everywhere. The clothes weren't just about the right to equality, they were also about the right to individuality. Annie Hall is the birth of vintage chic.

Signature look: Tennis racquets, spotted men's ties and oversized waistcoats

Fashion legacy: Became the gold standard for Ralph Lauren and Oxfam Vintage

In a phrase: "I missed my therapy, I overslept."

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