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Saturday 7 December 2019

Hug it like Beckham: How to carry your handbag this season

Victoria and Kate their 'hug on'
Victoria and Kate their 'hug on'

Forget the pochette girls, it's time to supersize and get your 'hug' on like Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss.

How we scoffed earlier this week when we saw pictures of Victoria Beckham struggling down the road to the fish and chip shop trying to carry a handbag the size of a holdall under her arm.

Silly VB, we thought, she's only gone and mistaken her huge orange and navy box bag (£1,195 from Victoria Beckham if you're interested) for a pochette (the slimline, envelope-style clutch enjoying its moment as the fashion world's bag du jour), but rather than be caught out looking anything less than ultra-fashionable, has decided to try and style it out.

But wait… Once again it seems we have judged the Posh one too hastily, for what's this in our inbox today? Only a picture of mega-cool 'super', Kate Moss, modelling in the latest campaign for achingly hip label, Givenchy.

And what is Mossy doing in the ethereal image? Cradling a big old bowling bag under her arm like a lost lamb - or perhaps the Baby Jesus… Either way, it's a trend, people!

The art of hooking one's arm through the handles of one's designer tote and dangling it off the crook of one's arm has become passé in the extreme; it's time to get your 'hug' on.

Thank goodness these pictures arrived before fashion week so we'll all have time to practice the tricky move before facing Tommy Ton and the rest of the street style Stasi. We've tried it out in the office and prepared a three-point checklist for all you potential poseurs:

1. Give it some weight: sure, it will kill your back after about five minutes, but it needs substance to anchor it to your side.

2. Make sure it's not top heavy: no one wants to be street-styled papped picking up their oyster card and old tissues off the floor when the bag goes for a Burton.

3. Treat it like a VIP: this bag will be showing off its bottom a lot, so no parking on the floor of the restaurant/bar/ladies. She needs her own seat so she's pristine and camera-ready at all times.

Belinda White

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