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Joan Holloway (neé Harris) is a living breathing Jessica Rabbit. Her curves make her the epitome of the sexy secretary while her sassy put-downs and bold palette mean her ultra- feminine style packs a punch rather than exuding docility.

"Joan is the perfect femme fatal and most people's favourite," says Emma Cunningham, fashion expert at Debenhams. "Her curvy body is the perfect silhouette for a fitted pencil skirt and sexy shift dresses.

"Even if you don't have a natural hourglass figure, Ultimo slimming shorts are great for nipping in the waist and a high-waisted belt can further accentuate your waist line."

Key Joan items are high-waisted skirts, fitted blouses and corseted dresses -- all fitted to perfection to give bust and bottom ample opportunity to shine. The look suits women who want to look smart and stylish but not at the cost of practicality.

Emma explains: "Joan is a high-flying office manager so high heels are not an option -- she's all about the kitten heel and looking polished without putting her feet through torture."

Confidence is vital in pulling off the Joan look -- fiery red hair is optional -- but colours are vibrant with lots of seductive reds, dusky pinks and fabulous tangerines thrown into the mix.

Make-up should be flawless with matt cheeks, red lips and with heavy emphasis on liquid lined eyes, dark brows and false eyelashes.

Emma says: "Don't be scared by the tight-fitting clothes as Christine, who plays Joan, is supposedly a size 14 and the style is very similar to Marilyn Monroe -- who was far from a size zero. It's a look that any size can look good in, it just takes the right underwear and bags of confidence."

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