Tuesday 23 January 2018

How might Victoria Beckham dress a daughter?

Hilary Alexander

As Victoria Beckham announces her fourth pregnancy, Hilary Alexander wonders if a Beckham daughter would be a little girl or a junior fashionista.

Dressing a little girl can be a tough call, as so many mothers, confronted with tears and tantrums and a daughter's refusal to leave the house without her beloved tutu, will confirm.

I remember once being on a beach-style photoshoot at Frinton-on-Sea where we found a mum at her wit's end because her 'little angel' was so attached to her fairy costume she would not take it off, even to go to bed.

It is a familiar scenario that even Victoria Beckham will have to confront if her dearest wish comes true next summer and she gives birth to a beautiful little baby girl.

But just how would a celebrity mum who is not only a global style icon, mentioned on the best dressed lists and, as if that were not enough, a famous designer into the bargain, dress her beloved 'mini-me'?

Would she follow the example of mother-of-four and fellow designer, Stella McCartney , whose first two collections for Gap Kids and, then, her own collection (launched this winter) were perfectly attuned to both her needs and wishes, and those of her daughter, Bailey, now four, by the careful mix of practical jeans, wellies and hoodies (albeit cashmere), with that vital element of fantasy bestowed by a pale pink tiered tutu or a cute military jacket?

Or would she go down the route of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, whose daughter Suri could probably not tell the difference between George and Gucci, but was having several million dollars spent on her wardrobe by the time she was barely able to walk in the 'high heels' her mother insisted were 'ballroom dancing shoes for kids'?

Then again, VB might be swayed by the lure of Bonnie Young , the American luxury children's wear designer whose clothes are worn by the offspring of dozens of starry mums, including Kate Hudson, Uma Thurman, Rachel Weisz, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Brooke Shields.

But should the long-awaited daughter arrive, my money is on the traditional route, via 'proper' little girls' clothes, such as can be found at Burberry, Rachel Riley or Marie-Chantal, for example, with a pinch of French chic from Tartine et Chocolat or Bonpoint.

Then again, with three older brothers, a potential Beckham daughter could well turn into a tomboy, happiest in Brooklyn, Romeo or Cruz's hand-me-downs.


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