Monday 20 November 2017

Holly White's fashion resolutions

Green bandeau dress, €43, and blue belt, €16, both American Apparel; navy cardigan, €9, Penney's; black tights, €42, by Wolford at Brown.
Green bandeau dress, €43, and blue belt, €16, both American Apparel; navy cardigan, €9, Penney's; black tights, €42, by Wolford at Brown.

Holly White

With a fresh new year upon us, I have that lovely optimistic feeling that this could be the year it all happens. My previous New Year's resolutions tended to involve giving something up, but there's not much fun in that, so this will be the year of making the best of what I have and simply putting a few feel-good priorities in place.

They are as follows:

  • I will clear out my wardrobe and sell all the stuff I don't use that someone else could get enjoyment out of. A good company for doing this is the incredibly successful Designer Circle (see or call 085 714 6152). Liz will even pick up from your home the items you want to sell.
  • I will embrace and enjoy what I already have and finally seek out a tailor to breathe life into a few old dresses that would look amazing and current with a bit of tweaking.
  • I will bargain for everything. Why not ask? It can't hurt! Everyone is tied for cash and business in any form should be appreciated, therefore I will stretch whatever money I have a little further.
  • I will watch less junk on TV and instead pore over the fashion shows on the style channel on Youtube and create dream lists.
  • I will make every effort I can to support smaller, local businesses, Irish fashion designers and Irish shops. I will also try to buy from ethical brands and vintage items, which are sustainable sources in these eco-conscious times.
  • I will use better products on my skin. One of my favourite recent finds is Bare Minerals make-up, which is so incredibly pure that, should you be so drunkenly inclined, you can even sleep in it. Bare Minerals is sold exclusively in BT2 in Dublin.
  • I will pay off all my debts and know that no Marc by Marc Jacobs purchase can feel better than being in credit does.
  • I will grown my hair again. I miss it, a lot.
  • If there is one thing I 100pc know I would love, it's got to be a pair of leather or suede leggings from Les Chiffoniers (left and above left). At €550 at Brown Thomas they are certainly not cheap but, dressed up with heels or down with a T-shirt and Converse trainers, I think they look amazing. They also feel incredibly sexy on, but that's a whole other article in itself. A wise, if costly, investment, however, using the curious economy of cost-per-wear: if I wear them once a week over the next year, which could easily happen, they cost €10.57. Nearly a bargain! n One thing I will happily leave behind, hopefully never to see again, is the monstrosity that is and was the catsuit. It is deeply unflattering, attention seeking in the wrong way and downright awkward. Designers take note: I don't care how you pitch it, photograph it or style it, I'm not buying it.
  • Having begun the clear-out, as a new rule I will only buy things I love. I occasionally buy stuff on the grounds that it may be useful, is cool, or could work with something else -- most of it is currently in a black sack by the door. Only strictly beautiful things shall cross the threshold from now on.

Happy new year!

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