Thursday 14 December 2017

Holly White road-tests... Trench coats

Beige trench, €55, a|wear; black vest, €6, and black high-waisted skirt, €24, both H&M; 40-denier tights with heart motif, €6, Penneys; black shoe boots, €110, Topshop; floral umbrella, €12, TK Maxx.
Beige trench, €55, a|wear; black vest, €6, and black high-waisted skirt, €24, both H&M; 40-denier tights with heart motif, €6, Penneys; black shoe boots, €110, Topshop; floral umbrella, €12, TK Maxx.

Holly White

My namesake Holly Golightly's most wonderful scene occurs at the end of Breakfast at Tiffany's. On the way home from having spent the night in jail,she throws her beloved ginger cat out of the cab in a rage.

Rain pours down and the tension heightens. Paul, her lover, tells Holly what he thinks of her behaviour, and goes off to find the poor cat. Holly ponders, then realises how awful she has been and how much she loves him and the cat.

She runs after both of them through the rain and down an alley, screaming for the animal, a changed woman. It's quite a distressing scene save for Holly's grace and, of course, her perfectly chosen accessory of a beige trench coat.

Needless to say, the cat is soon found sheltering under a dustbin lid, along with the dashing Paul, also clad in a trench. They embrace, all three of them, with the cat nestled between them.

The trench coat has been around for so long and featured in so many iconic films that it has become a must-have item in every wardrobe, season after season.

Kate Moss came home from a hiatus abroad -- after those controversial photos of her were published and investigated by Scotland Yard -- in a beige trench and made headlines the following day for all the right reasons - namely for how chic she looked.

When it comes to my own personal style, I prefer to invest well in the basics, then let a few cheap and cheerful trend-driven pieces carry me along.

Thus a trench acquisition was on the cards.

Most people, when they think of trench coats, would almost naturally put the word Burberry before it. However, seeing as theirs start at €700, I'm not there just yet.

One fascinating website is, upon which owners of Burberry trenches post images of themselves and how they wear their coats.

I heard Christopher Bailey give a talk at Trinity College and, of the site, he stated that "the trench had become so popular it took on a life of its own and we had to justify that".

Moving away from the out-of-reach to the affordable, I hit the high street with all things trench on my brain. Like a horse with blinkers, I ignored all else.

First up, Topshop had some wonderful versions. I particularly liked the almost cheeky touches on their beige variety, such as a floral lining and cute pocket details.

The spotty one was also lovely and has two little bow details on the back along the belt.

The more often I go into awear, the more wonderful I think cheap and cheerful clothing is. I love their take on the classic trench, and at €55 it is a steal.

One thing to point out is that these are not waterproof, nor are they particularly warm. Being chic is rarely about comfort and this is no exception.

Me and the awear trench, a pair of tights with love hearts on them, a high-waisted skirt and a killer pair of shoe boots hit town to see the reaction. Typical Dublin March clouds looked ominous but my spirits were high.

A quick lunch in Mao with an old friend was on the cards. As I strutted in I got that giddy feeling. Half a bottle of wine later, it was now a long lunch. The trench and I ended up on quite the crawl and the best night out in Dublin I have had in a long time.

Coincidence, I think not. This trench is a keeper! W

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