Thursday 19 April 2018

Holly White road tests...Wardrobe spring cleaning

Holly wears dress €65 by Tokiki at Topshop concessions
Holly wears dress €65 by Tokiki at Topshop concessions

Despite the miserable weather outside, the calendar says it's spring, which means spring cleaning. I'm not a hoarder at all. In fact I am the opposite, but a few instances of giving things away then instantly regretting it meant that I was unsure of what I should keep and what I should chuck. I needed expert help.

Joanne Connolly was just the person for the job. She came to my house and hit my wardrobe, going through every single item I own.

I discovered I am an obsessive collector of black mini-dresses, white T-shirts and white vests. "You certainly don't need any more of them," she said politely.

There were a few horrendous items that I had bought simply because they were designer, and some things I had held on to regardless of whether I wear them or not because they hold happy memories. Some things were easier to let go then others. The concert T-shirts with holes in them looked ridiculous in the light of day.

With everything out in front of me, I also realised that there are a few basics I am missing which would breathe new life into my existing wardrobe. Apparently, I lack a few pretty tops to dress up my jeans, and a slightly formal white shirt would look excellent with a pair of never-worn Marc trousers that I got in a Harvey Nichols sale two years ago.

Three hours later, I had a heap of clothes in a bag for charity, two pieces for friends to enjoy, a cleaner wardrobe and a newfound appreciation for my clothes. A highly productive afternoon.

Of all the items to go, the Penneys over-the-knee boots that, at €21, had seemed like such a bargain were top of the pile.

After a few outings, the heel had worn and, without the pain relief a few glasses of wine provide, they pinched my ankles almost intolerably.

Regardless of how good they looked, I had to say goodbye.

Be ruthless!

  • Take everything out of your wardrobe.
  • Get rid of anything worn out, dated or ill-fitting.
  • Have a full-length mirror so you can try things on that you're not sure about.
  • Put any garments that you're not sure about in a separate wardrobe or another area of your room, and if you still haven't worn them after six weeks then get rid of them.
  • Put away some pieces from your summer or winter wardrobe when the season ends. When you take them back out, they'll feel like new again as you haven't been looking at them all year.
  • The best thing to have in your wardrobe is space, so that you can see what you already have.

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