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Sunday 22 April 2018

Holly White road tests... denim

HOLLY WEARS: Denim pinafore dress, €85, Pepe, and denim wedge shoes, €35, Bershka.
HOLLY WEARS: Denim pinafore dress, €85, Pepe, and denim wedge shoes, €35, Bershka.

Holly White

The denim revival has made me feel a little bit old. The 1990s era of this fabric is still clearly etched in my mind, and I remember denim shirts being worn with jeans and maybe even a denim jacket on top -- though not necessarily by me!

I remember craving a Wrangler denim jacket for Christmas at the age of 14, lusting after Jason Priestley looking sultry in those Pepe ads, and thinking about boys with their Calvin Klein boxers peeping out from their jeans waistbands -- the pinnacle of teenage lust.

Thankfully I was in a school uniform for most of this time and saved from the above crimes of fashion, but this time around I am keen to get the look right.

Cut-off denim shorts have held their position at the forefront of street fashion for leg-baring types for several years, and they show no signs of moving.

Kate Moss was constantly photographed in them throughout her relationship with Pete Doherty, and even though she has moved on to another man, Kate still wears her cut-offs with vigour.

I even did the necessary exercise torture for a month in order to wear a pair, so eager was I to be involved in the trend last year.

Hip types continue to be seen in their denim cut-offs. LA folk such as Chloë Sevigny and Nicole Richie (who's style I adore) have that effortless casual chic when wearing their shorts which has us all running to the changing rooms to wrestle on a pair.

But from my experience last year, I've learned that a lot of work goes into looking naturally confident with an expanse of bare leg on show. Fortunately, there are many other ways to wear the trend.

This season, my favourite image of denim was Natalia Vodianova modelling a Stella McCartney, denim knee-length dress. This look portrays a fresh take on the trend, and given that smart, utility-wear fabric is going to be a staple for the time being -- both for day and night -- this kind of outfit would be a good investment.

One thing I love about denim is its versatility. I can't think of any colour that it might clash heads with, so you can pair anything new you buy with existing denim in your wardrobe.

And any pieces you bought a long time ago could only have got better with age, as denim fades well.

Denim is a timeless piece of Americana synonymous with California beaches, Bruce Springsteen album covers and tanned beach bunnies, so if you do decide to brave denim cut-off shorts, don't shy away from priming your pins with some fake tan first.

Enjoy the trend and invest well. If history is anything to go by, what goes around will certainly come around again.

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