Tuesday 20 March 2018

Highs and lows of the mini skirt

High October 30, 1965

Supermodel of the day, 22-year-old Jean Shrimpton sparks international headlines by wearing a mini-dress to Derby Day at the Melbourne Cup.

The photo of the young model in her mini with a crowd of matrons in twin sets and pearls behind her becomes a defining image of the '60s.

Low July, 2007

Waitress Kyla Ebbert is told she'll be taken off a Southwest Airline's flight if she doesn't change her miniskirt.

The airline later apologises and launches a 'skimpy fare' promotion, slashing flight prices in homage to the mini.

High October 20, 1968

America's former first lady and queen of style, Jackie Kennedy gives her stamp of approval to the look by marrying Aristotle Onassis in a stunning, classic white Valentino miniskirt.

Low April, 2009

It's revealed that Russian student Rashida Kirimova (21) has been killed by hit men hired by her father for wearing miniskirts.

The 45-year-old Muslim father had reportedly had several fights with his daughter over her skimpy clothing.

High January, 2010

Actor Gabriel Byrne confesses that a teenage brush with miniskirts made him ditch the priesthood and enter the world of Hollywood.

Speaking on The Meaning Of Life Show he said: "I went down to London during a break and we got on the bus and I walked up the stairs behind two girls in miniskirts and that was the end of it for me."

Low October, 2009

Fashion house Prada announces that they're keen to continue the skirts-for-men look by taking it to miniskirt lengths.

Designer Miuccia Prada says: "Menswear should take cues from womenswear, and not just the other way around."

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