Monday 19 March 2018

Helena Christensen branded ‘too sexy’ for mail order catalogue

Helena Christensen has been branded
Helena Christensen has been branded "too sexy" by Boden mail order shoppers.

Helena Christensen has been branded "too sexy" by Boden mail order shoppers.

The supermodel, famed for her racy Victoria’s Secret shots, has been enlisted as the face of casual label Boden’s Fall/Winter 12 range.

The 43-year-old smoulders in the campaign’s pictures – something buyers aren’t happy with.

The relaxed attire Boden produces has always been popular with mothers who favour practical clothing.

Many now feel Helena has changed the feel of the brand into something that is unattainable for “everyday” women.

Angry customers took to online platforms such as Facebook and to express their feelings about the new spokesmodel.

"I don’t want to look overtly sexy,” one customer insisted.

Another added: “I’m a mum, first and foremost, I have three kids under five?…?and I want to be there for them in practical, fun clothes. I used to be a skinny minny size six but I’m not any more?…?I don’t want to look like Helena Christensen (sic).”

Feedback suggested buyers would rather see little-known models with “normal” figures promote the range.

One even criticised the label’s creator Jonnie Boden, claiming he had become too self-important.

“Initially we were given unknown models with a little sentence on their likes and dislikes all geared to aspirational lifestyle living. Seems rather odd to now give us a famous model who we all know has no concept of the lives we lead (sic),” the outraged consumer wrote.

“No offence but maybe good old Jonnie is getting a little too famous himself and forgetting what the real middle classes want and aspire to?”

A spokesman for Boden insisted feedback they had received on the new range was “positive”.

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