Tuesday 20 February 2018

Hat designer Philip Treacy says fashion is over-intellectualised

Galway hat designer says that fashion is over-intellectualised
Galway hat designer says that fashion is over-intellectualised

Irish hat designer Philip Treacy thinks fashion is often "over-intellectualised".

The milliner loves the industry he’s in but often wonders if people take it too seriously. At the same time, he is a firm believer that style means different things to people all over the globe.

“I don’t know if it has anything to do with it,” he replied to anothermag.com, when asked what he thinks fashion has to be with intellectuality. “I think sometimes fashion is over-intellectualised. Fashion is about the pursuit of beauty and elegance, I feel. But to other people it’s a T-shirt.”

Philip loves the concept of fashion and clothes because it is always changing. He explained style is something which evolves all the time and never gets stagnant.

The hat designer has famously worked with stars including Lady Gaga, and fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen and Chanel.

He believes his work has become so well-known as he understands the importance of playing with materials and using them in the best way. The designer’s work with Swarovski is famous and he also uses feathers in his creations.

“The materiality is everything. Every material has its properties and you cannot make a material do something it does not want to do. So understanding the material is the key to the success of the invention. Every material has its properties. Also, materials are the only innovation in fashion: there are new materials being invented all the time. It’s endless,” he explained.

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