Saturday 7 December 2019

Happy daze: Heatons is a retailer that caters for family life

Top, €16; denim shorts, €18; sandals, €13, all Hot Tin Roof, Heatons
Top, €16; denim shorts, €18; sandals, €13, all Hot Tin Roof, Heatons
Polo shirt, €10; shorts, €15; flip-flops, €3, all Cargo Quay, Heatons
Liam wears: Polo shirt, €6; shorts, €7, both Urban Alley, Heatons. Mienke wears: Vest, €4; shorts, €7; shoes, €8, all Havoc, Heatons. Hairband, stylist’s own. Cushion covers, €7 each, Linens & Lace; lanterns, €3 each, Stanford Home, Heatons
Shirt, €12; shorts, €15; trilby, €6, all Cargo Quay, Heatons
Top, €18; jeans, €20; wedges, €20, all Mystify; clutch, €10, My Accessories, Heatons
Jacket, €25 (in stores at the end of this month); top, €12 (in stores at the end of June); shorts, €12, all Mystify, Heatons

Constance Harris

There have been many exciting developments in retail, but one I find not so great is the way families and family life no longer seem something retail is interested in, or is catering for.

If you think about it, all our stores seem to be about fashion for single men and women with an aspirational lifestyle, which features lots of partying.

Which is why I like Heatons – it is a compact, nationwide department store that caters to all ages, all needs. You pop in there for one thing and soon find yourself browsing several areas, as you notice other things you could do with.

Heatons do a bit of everything, all at value prices: clothes, footwear, underwear, sportswear and swimwear for men, women and children, kitchenware, soft furnishings, bedding, electronics, toiletries, confectionery, gifts, toys, seasonal areas, planting and gardens, and they also have a big sports and equipment store, Sports World. With 52 branches nationwide, and an online store, Heatons makes it all very accessible.

But the big news, these days, in Heatons, is their clothing. While always good to older customers, Heatons have noted, and acted upon, the fact that they are attracting younger men, women and families through their doors. Heatons have updated their collections to be trendier, and to reflect their customers' desires and lifestyle needs.

I am very impressed by their menswear, which features cap-sleeve shirts in check and tropical-island prints; T-shirts with contemporary motifs; polo tops with fashion trims; a broad range of shorts, from board to cargo; fashion-aware footwear, flip-flops and trainers.

They have pieces that are preppy, and pieces that will keep the music-festival lads happy. A mere €50 would see you equipped with great-looking jeans, a couple of T-shirts, trainers and shorts.

Heatons are investing in more natural fabrics, so a lot more of the ranges feature 100 per cent cotton, or linen, or a high-percentage blend.

In womenswear, there are pretty, semi-sheer, cotton-voile tops; fashion-colour chinos; jersey maxi dresses; tropical-print jumpsuits, skirts and jackets; and cute denim cut-offs.

Several of their dresses would be perfect for occasions. I really liked their coral lace dress, and a red, floral-print, fitted dress. Both are an incredible €25.

For festival-goers, they have funky rainwear and ankle wellies, and their homewares department will have great-value tents, sleeping bags, picnic gear, and the like. Their childrenswear is really, really cute.

If you're setting up your first home, or a guy who has to get suited for your first job, or a gal getting kitted out for her sporting interest, or a mother-of-four who has to stretch the family income, Heatons is all for living in style without breaking the bank.

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