Sunday 26 January 2020

Halle Berry swaps show business for shoe business

Halle Berry models a shoe from her new collection. Photo: Deichmann
Halle Berry models a shoe from her new collection. Photo: Deichmann

Belinda White

Bond Girl Halle Berry collaborates with German brand Deichmann on her first range of shoes '5th Avenue by Halle Berry'.

You're not a proper celebrity these days unless you have a fashion line it seems. The latest star to follow Cheryl Cole and Rachel Bilson into the footwear business is Bond Girl Halle Berry, whose debut line for German shoe company Deichmann (no, us neither), went on sale today.

Now, when we think of Halle Berry, we like to think of the orange bikini-clad goddess Jinx Johnson emerging from the ocean, Ursula Andress-style in Die Another Day, the one of Missy Elliot 'Don't I look like a Halle Berry poster' fame, the smoking hot one.

But perhaps Halle was too focused on Deichmann being a German shoe brand during the design process, because rather than trading on her sexy image, she seems to have really tapped into her more 'sensible' side - not something the regular Deichmann collection always trades off.

While we're not saying that Halle isn't partial to an orthopedic-looking gladiator sandal, we're finding Halle Berry the Oscar-winning Hollywood actress hard to reconcile with her so-called '5th Avenue By Halle Berry' range.

"I think every woman would like to be involved in creating a shoe collection," says Halle, "My 5th Avenue shoes can easily be worn by every woman."

Hmmm, not strictly true Halle, but with prices starting at £29.99, it's fair to say that every woman could wear them if they really wanted to…

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