Thursday 14 November 2019

Giorgio Armani: 'I didn't have to work hard because I was good looking'

Armani studied medicine at the University of Milan for three year
Armani studied medicine at the University of Milan for three year

Bibby Sowray

78-year-old fashion designer Giorgio Armani has admitted that his good looks meant he didn't have to work hard at the start of his career in fashion.

"Up until I was about 30 to 32 years old, I used to potter around doing a small job at a department store," he told Italian newspaper La Repubblica during Milan Fashion Week. "I used to coordinate what went into the window or other store tasks. And I didn't have to work very hard - because, well, I was quite good looking. The female managers in the shop used to favour me, making things really easy for me."

However, Armani decided not to rely on his god-given charms to get him places and instead knuckled down, successfully creating one of the world's best-known fashion houses.

"I realised that I couldn't and didn't want to go on living like that - on the fringes of a beautiful profession, without working hard, without risking, without standing up for it," he continued. "So, I learned how to work in all different areas of this profession. First I committed myself exclusively to fashion design, because I had a partner who dealt with all the economical and practical aspects. And then, when my partner passed away I had to take care of everything myself. I had to somehow wake up and doing this made me into who I am today."

Before entering into the fashion industry Armani had already studied medicine at the University of Milan for three years and spent time in the army.

Earlier this year he said he had "sacrificed life" in order to build his multi-billion dollar fashion empire, missing out on building friendships and finding personal happiness.

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