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Saturday 21 July 2018

Get the look: Sarah McGovern

Grown up and stylish look: model Sarah McGovern.
Grown up and stylish look: model Sarah McGovern.
€360, Tory Burch,
€55, Closet London,
Bracelet, €180, Michael Kors, Weir & Sons,
€278, Rebecca Taylor,
€49.95, Mango
Bracelet, €55, Newbrige Silverware,
€24, Topshop
€290, Kurt Geiger, Brown Thomas
€500, Phillip Lim,
€98, Office

This combination of a pencil skirt with some sort of blouse is practically the uniform of former Paris Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld. It sounds a lot more high-maintenance than it actually is.

There is a pencil skirt to fit all shapes and sizes; a well-cut, fitted garment is eminently more flattering than something loose and flowy. And a feminine blouse takes the boring-work-suit edge off this look. Model Sarah McGovern is one of our favourites for this sort of grown-up, stylish but not slavishly trendy, style.

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