Tuesday 21 January 2020

Get the look: Aoibhin Garrihy

Mixture of street and sophistication: Aoibhin Garrihy.
Mixture of street and sophistication: Aoibhin Garrihy.
€39.95, Zara.
€13, Topshop
€22.99, New Look.
€310, Larsson & Jennings, larssonandjennings.com
€450, Karen Millen, Brown Thomas
€49.95, Zara
€515, Christian Louboutin, christianlouboutin.com/ie
€610, Roland Mouret, Brown Thomas
€80, River Island
€99, Michael Michael Kors, Weir & Sons, weirandsons.ie
€160, Needle & Thread, Brown Thomas.
Parfois necklace, €12.99.

The old cliche of comparing an outfit to something Carrie in Sex and the City might have worn is almost due a comeback.

This combination of a leather biker jacket and a pleated skirt from actress Aoibhin Garrihy is just the sort of surprising mixture of street and sophistication that Carrie, at her best, might have pulled off. Keeping the palette fairly simple was a good move - when you're wearing pleats, there is enough going on without throwing prints into the mix.

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