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Get Jean's look

A risk-taker with an eclectic taste and a fashion-forward eye, Jean Byrne's passion for fashion shines through in her commented-on dressing style. She has blown away the idea that women on TV have to dress a certain way, and her individuality shines through in a mix of visual treat and entertainment value.

Jean admits there is "a rebellious streak there, a non-conformist", and her diverse wardrobe is a testament to a woman who "hates being put in categories".

"There are lots of things in my own personality, including rock and roll, everything. I just don't like being pigeon-holed," says Jean, who certainly has a shock factor.

Her tastes range from classic tailoring (John McCormack and Antonio Berardi) to works of art (hats), playfulness and the body-con silhouette.

Boring? You can't accuse Jean of having a jaded eye. She is constantly on the prowl.

This season, I would put her in some Tom Ford for VIP occasions -- his black velvet dress at Brown Thomas (pictured top right) would certainly please her eye for detail. I can just see her taking it apart, examining the seams and rejoicing in the finish.

Meanwhile, for day wear, I'd suggest the nude palette in the Ella range from Viyella, available at Arnotts, the baby sister range to the legendary label. Check out the blouses and co-ordinating leather skirts (pictured right and above).

On the accessories front, there are new heels from Louboutin (below). I can't see her rocking the androgynous look, but a cream female tux would please her eye for tailoring and be a real showstopper for the weather girl who has blown a style hurricane across our screens.

Bairbre Power

Fashion Editor

Weekend Magazine