Friday 24 November 2017

Georgia May Jagger 'embarrassed' to pose alongside brother in new ad campaign

The model and her brother star in the Hudson Jeans campaign
The model and her brother star in the Hudson Jeans campaign

Georgia May Jagger was mortified when she had to pose alongside her brother for the new Hudson Jeans campaign.

The British model has been the face of the denim label since 2009. For its latest images, label bosses decided to do something a little different. The campaign is entitled Let Yourself Go and a photographer followed Georgia around London, UK, as she supposedly went about her everyday life.

The model donned clothes and jewellery from her wardrobe and was seen visiting a tattoo parlour and partying with friends.

Her boyfriend Josh McLellan is in some of the shots, with the model's brother James pretending to get inked at the tattoo store.

"It’s quite funny!" Georgia said, when asked what it was like to work with her sibling. "It’s pretty embarrassing to see each other posing and stuff. It was nice taking his picture though, but he gets embarrassed because he doesn’t do any modelling, so this is all new to him. It’s always nice to work with people you know too, because then you can laugh and giggle and stuff."

Photographer David Mushegain took the images, with Georgia also helping out behind the lens. She has previously spoken about how much she loves taking pictures and has hinted that she feels ready to make a change in her career.

"Yeah, actually I think I’m going to get more into assisting now," she told "I just finished school in the summer, so this is actually the first time that I’ve done modelling full-time. Before, I was working part-time because I was going to school like five days a week and then just modelling on weekends. So I was doing a lot all at the same time and I kind of had to say no to a lot of things because of exams and stuff like that. I’ve been doing a lot more modelling lately, but I think after the New Year I’m going to try to do more photography and try to mix them together."

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