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French Elle recycles year old Vogue cover of Carey Mulligan


The same Carey Mulligan picture has appeared on not one, not two, but three glossy magazine covers.

Since appearing in critically acclaimed films An Education , Drive and Never Let Me Go over recent years, Carey Mulligan has become hot fashion property. Her kooky take on classic style has captured the hearts of editors the world over, so it's no surprise she's appeared on a glossy magazine cover or two, but when the November 2011 issue of French Elle came into stores with Mulligan on the cover, there was a distinct feeling of déjà vu .

Looking out from newsstands was a picture of Mulligan in a beaded Chanel couture gown, which had been used on not one but two magazine covers previously, it was noticed by Fashionista .

The popular image appeared first on the cover of US Vogue way back in October 2010, when the modest cover star admitted that the couture gown in question "wouldn't fit over my arse" so was worn with a towel wrapped around her hips.

Then, in December 2010, the same image appeared on the cover of fellow Condé Nast publication, German Glamour. So far, so normal.

But whilst swapping images and editorials is a relatively common occurrence in magazines who are under the same publishing umbrella, when the same photograph appeared on the cover of French Elle , which is owned by publishing rivals Hatchette Filipacchi last month, fashion commentators were scratching their heads.

The only explanation for the crossover is that Peter Lindbergh, the German photographer who shot the cover, had kept the rights to the image, meaning he was able to license it out to whoever he pleased. That said, why a magazine would want a year-old image with year-old clothes on the front, is beyond our comprehension...