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French Elle magazine blasted for racist Obamas 'embracing white fashion' comments


Michelle Obama - magazine complimented her 'jazzy' style

Michelle Obama - magazine complimented her 'jazzy' style

Michelle Obama - magazine complimented her 'jazzy' style

FASHION bible French Elle has landed in hot water after an article on the American First Family claims they are finally following "white fashion codes".

Chic” is not a “plausible option” for a race who until now favoured casual “streetwear,” fashion blogger Nathalie Dolivo write in the article on the magazine’s website.

The controversial piece which has since been removed from the magazine’s website, has caused a backlash in America after it was translated into English by a newspaper.

In the article, meant to be in praise of “black fashion power” she notes that the "black-geosie" can always add "ethnic" touches from their "roots," such as a "batik-printed turban”.

She goes further when writing about Michelle Obama, and manages to turn a compliment into a racist remark.

'Michelle Obama sets the tone, focusing on cutting-edge brands ... revisiting the wardrobe of Jackie O - in a jazzy way.'

Her article drew many infuriated comments from Elle readers: “ This is what happens when there are no black people on staff. It’s really crazy to think this woman believed black people, particularly African Americans, didn’t start ‘dressing up’ until Michelle Obama,” posted one commentator.

Another said “How, in 2012, in a France where there are at least three million blacks and mixed people, can you write such nonsense?"

Elle magazine is not the only one to be embroiled in racist controversy. A Dutch magazine was forced to fire it’s editor go and apologise after describing Rihanna as a 'n****r b***h' last month.