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Fashion: Work it... Lennon Courtney comes of age


Left Top, €140; skirt, €140, both Lennon Courtney. Shoes, €135, Buffalo.

Left Top, €140; skirt, €140, both Lennon Courtney. Shoes, €135, Buffalo.

Left Top, €140; skirt, €140, both Lennon Courtney. Shoes, €135, Buffalo.

In its fifth season, the Lennon Courtney collection has come of age. The label, always aimed at the working woman who loves her fashion and doesn't want to leave it at the office door, is now hitting all the right notes - style, cut, easy-care fabrics, easy to wear and gorgeous.

"It is myself and Brendan's favourite collection so far," co-designer Sonya Lennon, along with Brendan Courtney, tells me. "We have had a massive, massive reaction to all the colour.

"Our woman really likes dresses. She likes to feel that she is buying a piece. She likes to invest in dresses, in something that will make her feel special, often around an occasion," Sonya elaborates. "We don't want to become 'special occasion' clothes. From the very beginning, for us, it was about clothes that you'll wear, that will be really heavy workers in your wardrobe."

Lennon Courtney is truly a team effort. To grossly generalise, Sonya Lennon is like our own Sarah Jessica Parker, and is all about forward fashion, while Brendan Courtney is into supporting women feeling good about themselves. The combination results in trendy clothes that women feel are easy to wear.

"Every season we have grown in terms of our knowledge, and a lot of that is coming from our customer's needs. Our inspiration is the women we dress. It is that simple," Sonya says.

As authors of two books on fashion and style, the most recent being Your Best You, based on their experiences in fashion, Sonya and Brendan are fonts of knowledge, which they are applying to their collection. From the shape savvy inherent in the collection, catering to hourglass, pear- and apple-shaped bodies, to their use of easy-care fabrics. Many of the pieces in the Lennon Courtney collection are hand-washable and easy to steam press.

"For this season, we looked at weaving more dresses and more colour into the collection," Sonya says. "Working to find new fabrics that were more durable and luxurious than what we had been working with before."

Key needs are thought about and catered for, such as this season's biker jacket, dress, or collar-piece to ensure a dress can get you from day into night. Colour is strong and impactful. Lennon Courtney has won extensive editorial coverage, including in British Vogue and American Elle, and are sending stock all over the world via their online store.

"We are an easy brand to buy online because our shapes are so simple. You know exactly what you are getting," Sonya explains. "When we speak to buyers in the UK, we tell them that we are all about the lives of working women and they say, 'that makes perfect sense'. They don't hear that very often."

Lennon Courtney is, without doubt, a working wardrobe, but unlike others, it makes the most of your body, feels comfortable and is pure love-of-fashion.

Photography by  Kevin Fox

Fashion edited by  Constance Harris

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