Saturday 17 March 2018

What's black and blue... and read all over?

The Dress
The Dress

Leslie Ann Horgan

Forget about "who are you wearing?", the new question obsessing the fashion world is "what colour is it?".

If you Facebook, Tweet or use Instagram, you'll already know that this refers to The Dress - a trend which swept the internet yesterday and proved to be one of the most divisive questions since the Treaty.

The subject of the furore was a fuzzy photograph of a dress taken on a mobile phone. The garment itself is a simple bodycon creation, but intriguingly while some saw it as being blue with black lace, others saw a white dress with gold embellishments.

As a plethora of scientific articles appeared explaining how each person's eye interprets light, and therefore colour, differently, photo retouch experts offered their detailed analysis of the shot. Software giant Adobe re-posted the conclusion of photographer Hope Taylor who had used its Lightroom editing programme to determine that the dress was in fact blue and black.

It wasn't long before celebrities joined the fray, with singer Taylor Swift tweeting that the dress was "obviously blue and black" while last week's best Actress Oscar winner Julianne Moore asked "What's the matter with u guys, it's white and gold".

Unsurprisingly, the woman who has attempted to 'break the internet' herself chimed in; Kim Kardashian tweeted that she and husband Kanye West were at odds over the photograph, with her seeing white and gold; he saw blue and black.

A spokesperson for Birmingham brand Roman Originals confirmed that the £50 dress was indeed royal blue with black lace detailing. All current stock - which includes versions in white, pink and red - sold out yesterday.

The picture was originally taken by a woman after buying it to wear to her wedding. The bride-to-be disagreed with her fiancé over the colour and shared it with friends, one of whom posted it online.

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