Wednesday 25 April 2018

So over: Summer, season of sartorial madness

Neatly tailored: Vogue Williams. Photo:
Neatly tailored: Vogue Williams. Photo:

What is it about the words 'summer fashion' that makes fools of so many of us? The first whiff of longer days and warm (ish) weather, and suddenly half the country think they are Mia Farrow or Jane Birkin, circa 1968.

We forget everything we know about our climate and body shapes, and reach for the white, lacy, floaty tops, the drifting maxi dresses, and unstructured florals that speak of lazy days in a field bathed by sunshine.

Presumably, in so doing, we think we look like flower children. We don't. We look cold and scruffy. That said, we need to make some kind of concession to summer dressing. Try the route Vogue Williams, left, took recently: Yes, the dress is white, but it is also neatly tailored, and it's baring enough flesh to be summery, but not so much as to be silly.

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