Monday 19 February 2018

'It meant the world to me' - Model with bionic arms hits the runway with adorable six-year-old 'mini me'

Rebekah Marine 'Bionic Model' walks the runway at New York Fashion Week with her
Rebekah Marine 'Bionic Model' walks the runway at New York Fashion Week with her "mini-me"

Sasha Brady

A model with bionic arms walked the runway at New York Fashion Week with her "mini-me" - a six-year-old girl who was born with the same condition.

Rebekah Marine, dubbed the 'Bionic Model' hit New York Fashion Week for the third season in a row as she walked the runway for celebrity designer Josefa Da Silva at the FTL Moda show.

However, this season was extra-special for the 29-year-old as was joined by a little guest, six-year-old Gianna Schiavnone,

Like Rebekah, the young model was born without a forearm, but on her left arm.

"Gianna's my mini-me. She looks like me and she was also born the same way I was," Rebekah told People magazine. "Walking with her meant the world to me. It's almost symbolic of passing the torch to future generations."

The mini model also enjoyed herself, telling the magazine: "It was fun because she put her hand out and we got to hold hands and at the finale I got to go up and pose and then she got to take me down."

The two met through a charity called the Lucky Fin Project which supports those with upper limb differences.

"Gianna and I instantly bonded over our love for fashion and everything lip gloss," Rebekah said.

She added: "I've been trying to push the boundaries in the fashion industry, hoping that I can open doors for people like Gianna in the future. It was really cool to incorporate her in the show."

And walking with Rebekah was special for Gianna too as she got to meet someone who she shared something in common with.

"It's fun because we both have the same thing in common," the young model said. "Walking with her makes me feel happy because there's not just one me in the world."

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