Friday 24 November 2017

Internet trolls attack Irish model Louise O'Reilly after she becomes face of plus size brand Evans

Louise O'Reilly for The Cut by Evans
Louise O'Reilly for The Cut by Evans
Louise O'Reilly for The Cut by Evans
Louise O'Reilly for The Cut by Evans
Louise O'Reilly for The Cut by Evans
Louise O'Reilly for The Cut by Evans
Model Louise O'Reilly.

Sean O'Grady

Model Louise O'Reilly has hit back at internet trolls who criticised her for becoming the new face of plus-size clothing line Evans.

The two campaigns shot by the Malahide woman (27) for the British retailer did not go unnoticed by critics who thought the images were "glamorising" being overweight.

"Fat is not healthy or sexy," said one.

"This woman is extremely overweight which means she is unfit, unhealthy and a bad role model for teenage girls and all women alike."

Another said: "I would never allow myself to become this size. All it takes is a bit of self-control."

Louise has shrugged off the negative comments and does not take the criticism personally.

Louise O'Reilly for The Cut by Evans

"With anything like that, people are always going to have their opinion," she told the Herald. "I just take it with a pinch of salt."

The model said that despite what critics say, she exercises regularly and leads a healthy lifestyle.

She was unsure why people believed they needed to comment on her appearance.

"I am a size 16 and I go to the gym and I eat healthily. You're either too big or too small and I'm healthy and comfortable in my own skin.

Model Louise O'Reilly.

"I don't really know why people do it. They just have an opinion on everything nowadays."

Louise, who runs fashion blog Style Me Curvy, dreamt of working with Evans for years.

"As long as I've been modelling, Evans has been one of the longest-standing plus-size brands and has always been on my list of people to work for," she said.

"They're lovely people to work for and so nice. They've been pioneers for plus-size clothing now for years."

Fellow model Hannah Devane came to Louise's defence against the trolls.


"I am so tired of seeing such negativity online bashing women for their size," she said.

Hannah, who is a size eight, admitted she is not particularly healthy and is naturally slender.

"I will hold my hands up that I don't go to the gym and I eat a lot of junk food," she said.

"It's no one's business but my own. Just because I'm slim doesn't mean I'm a picture of health."

The former Britain's Next Top Model contestant believes a person's body and their lifestyle is no one else's concern.

Irish plus-size model Louise O'Reilly lands biggest campaign to date - as the new face of Evans

"If I decide next week I want to go to the gym, that's none of your business either.

"Many of my friends are a bigger clothes size than me and are far healthier," she said.

"They eat balanced diets and work out regularly. FYI Louise is very healthy but that's no one's business anyway."

Louise is not the first model to come under fire.

Vogue Williams has been the target of trolls in the past who said she had put on weight after being unable to exercise due to a knee injury.


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