Friday 18 October 2019

‘I’m shocked that people can still be so backwards’ - stylist Courtney Smith on Roz Purcell’s banned Newbridge ad

Picture: Instragram/ @cocosmithstyle
Picture: Instragram/ @cocosmithstyle

Freya Drohan

A leading stylist has said she is shocked that a Newbridge Silverware ad featuring Roz Purcell has been banned for being "too provocative".

Renowned stylist Courtney Smith, who styled top model Rozanna Purcell for the Newbridge campaign in question, told Independent Style she was "shocked people can be so backwards".

The Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI) ruled that the promotional video for company's new ‘eShe’ jewellery range is “exploitative of sexuality”.

Roz Purcell's Newbridge ad banned for being 'exploitative' ... after just one complaint

The video advertising campaign was deemed to have a sultry and sensual vibe, featuring Roz posing and reclining in a range of outfits and accessories in a dimly lit setting.

Prompted by a single complaint, an independent complaints committee viewed the video in question and upheld the complaint, stating that “the poses taken by the model were overtly sexual in nature and were therefore provocative".

Celebrity, commercial and editorial stylist Courtney Smith was the creative force behind the campaign, which was devised to bring the Newbridge Silverware brand to a newer, younger customer.

“The eShe range is actually designed by the daughter of Newbridge Silverware’s owner. The idea was that we would create a campaign that would reflect a more current line,” Courtney told Independent Style.

“I came up with the concept and directed and styled the shoot, I wanted a Cuban feel, so the shoot was inspired by the dance movement of the 1930s and 1940s,” she added.

The campaign images have already appeared in print- in last month’s Sunday Independent LIFE magazine- and the line of statement necklaces, cuffs and chandelier earrings quickly sold out.

The recordings were originally intended to be just a ‘behind the scenes’ look, but Courtney and the team decided to capitalise on the growing popularity of short film advertisements and release it as a stand alone.

Two of the video scenes in particular were highlighted in the ASAI's overview:  one scene where Roz wears a plunging silk kimono, and in other where she dips her finger into a cocktail and then places her finger in her mouth.

Speaking about the decision to pull the ad, Courtney said, “I think its ridiculous! I’m shocked, it’s not like she’s nude or naked.”

“Cara Delevingne just did a stunning full nude shoot for John Hardy’s jewellery range, and I found it in no way insulting or offensive, as the jewellery is the main focus.”

“The shoot with Roz was reflecting an era and a movement. I’m assuming whoever complained about it is a little bit older, who I would guess would have been around during these movements so I’m surprised that a little bit of flesh has caused such a stir.”

Courtney confirmed that the next move is still being spoken about by Newbridge and eShe

“I know they have to take it seriously,” she said. “I have gotten a great response from social media users about this, they agree that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it and it has just annoyed one person.”

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